Wednesday, August 19

♥ I Miss You Badly

I Miss Him Badly .

1 Week Without Meeting Him I Feel Like Dying T_T

And Yesterday I Dreamnt That He Was Being Together With Her .

OMG ==


Scary ~~~

Okay , Exam Finish 2 Days Ago .

My Results Is Back .

I'm Proud Of My English & Suck At My Maths ==

A For English D For Maths .

Others From D,C To B .

Good Improvement For Myself I Think xD

And Bcuz Of My Results I Got RM50 From My Mother .

And Also RM60 Reload Card From My Tuition Teacher .

Yeay For Me ^^V

这是唯一让我努力读书的推动力 xD

And Congratz To My Darling XianLi .

Finally Made Friends With Her *Cutie*

Ngek x)