Monday, June 13

♥ Last Day Of May

Wooo imma update my dead blog peepo! ;)

27th May
Many stars oh because of that uncle Paul Bettany ^^
Btw it's kind of a horror movie and 3 of us scream non stop oh *normal case*

31st May
Had a "gathering" of 5S3.
Gathering which have only 9 people.
What a gathering ya :)

Red Box karaoke.
@CatherineTan ♥

@YeeWen & ChiHuai ♥
I'm having a concert ya with my TOP oppa ya ♥Wo ai ni men ya except you you and you :)

After karaoke session, went shopping around from Pavilion to TS and then back to Pavilion again.
Good job friend :)

Bought ticket to watch movie.
Guess what we watch?

All these idiot people always force me to watch horror movies with them.
I hate them so much TT
Idk how many horror movies i have watch after i knew them.

Firstly, because it scared the hell out of me eventhough the ghost aren't scary at all -.-
Secondly, the storyline suck! Pian xiao hai der!
Wo shi xiao hai TT

Hello my beloveds ♥

On the way home, Angel & Sin called and ask me out for a tea session.
My yamcha kaki :p

@Angel ♥10pm+ home sweet home :)

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