Monday, May 23

♥ My Angel's Sweet 18

Yo i'm here to update my blog again :)

This post is especially to my babyyyy Angel
It's her birthday!
Well, basically it's on the 16th of May and i'm late to update it only now.
Paiseh ya :p

Anywayyyyy, take a look at what i got her.
My first DIY to a friend.
A friend that i appreciate so much oh ♥ ;)
别怀疑,我写的全部都是我的心声 :DP/s she said she's gonna hang it on her wall
Awww, how sweet :')

14th of May
Decided to hang out and celebrate her big day :)
She came to my house around 2pm and we started to camwhore non-stop-ing :O

And i have a big news to you guys!
Notice anything different about me from this picture?No?! Stupid dao si
I took off my braces dy! :D
But just the upper part and i'm gonna put on my retainer soon.
So... show off yi xia xia xian :p

Ok, back to my camwhore non-stop-ing thingy :D
My ambition is so-not-gonna be a doctor!
Wo tao yan biology duo duo hmmp :@
So we went to have our late lunch @U-Village first and wait for Edeline jiejie to join us.
And then shop around Sg.Wang & TS.
Freakin' long time x hang out kat sana dy.
Cotton On now has a new branch at Sg.Wang *hip hip hurray* :p

After buying a bag & a shirt, we went to Pavilion.
Guess where we went?
BR!! ♥
Ice-cream fondue
Hmm, when is the last time i had it?
Forget liao! But still very-berry sedap yo! ;)

Hello Edeline finally you appear oh.Surprise?
Yea she cut her hair short and i think it's nice ;)

And yes again, we 3 finally appear together again after so long :')
Around 8pm+ went to Kepong for dinner with Sin Gege :)
A Korean bbq restaurant.
AhSin bought a cake for Angel too :O
Happ happ happy birthday babeh! ♥
Actually she's 18 but she just insisted on putting only one candle on her cake.
Bu yao pian ren la! See! *liar liar pants on fire* 10pm+ home sweet home.

Wishing you a very happy birthday again babeh mwak mwak ♥

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