Monday, June 20

♥ Aussie Trip I

Gonna update a post about my trip to Australia during the school holidays :)
As some of you guys know, it's my 2nd visit to Aussie.
Instead of going to Sydney & GoldCoast again, we're going to Melbourne this time.
Let part I begin! :p

1st of June
Made a pit stop @Singapore Changi Ariport
Staying there for 4 hours and then only we flew to Aussie.
Miserable 8 hours flight TT
Reached Aussie at 7am in the morning.

This is what we do on the plane lol.

2nd of June
Check into the hotel.
After settling down, we started going round the city of Melbourne.
FYI, it's winter season in Aussie and i can tell you it's so fking cold -.-
But anyway, the view there is nice :)

Sticky shop in Aussie!
Join up with our relatives which are living there during the evening.
Tramp ride & walkie walk.
3rd of June
Road trip along Great Ocean Road.
No shitting area :/
Port Campbell - Twelve Apostles
4th of June
Ouside the cottage we're living.
London Bridge is falling down
Lenglui :OOOO
Ballarat - Gold Mine
The traditional way of playing bowling lolPart I habis!

Part II coming :)

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