Wednesday, July 21

♥ Cross Country

This post is about last Friday .

It's kinda late to update it now but who cares ? :D

My school's cross country tournament @ Titiwangsa .
Sooooo many good students :)

Our warm up instructor .Students , teachers & headmaster are all doing it .

I seriously love this so much ! Thanks baby <3

This is what I & Cat was doing when they were doing warm up .Our guys will kill us ! HAHAHAHA

With our class teacher .

Pn.ZurinaNgek ;)

Ready , get set , GO !I'm so athletic :D

Altough I didn't won , but I'm still glad that I participate during the whole tournament .


Pn.Siti Asyiah drew this for us .

Germany ! *i know the colours aren't in the right sequence*Lee Hsian Li's masterpiece ! LOL

After that , Hubby came to fetch me .

Waited for him like about half an hour ? o0o

Was craving for "MAN YEE MIN" but Hubby brought me here .Restaurant specialised for "HAR MIN" ==

But anyway , I love "HAR MIN" too :)

Saw this there .

Cukup meaningful !

After having our lunch , Hubby went to make a Maybank Account .

He needed it for his job I guess .

Went to the Maybank @ Metro Prima at first .

Waited for an hour then that woman say tak boleh buat ! o0o

Then we went to the Maybank @ Desa Park City .

Waited an hour again but it's done finally !

After that , went back Hubby's house to bath .

I was so filthy ! Ewwww

Finish :)

After bathing , went to Wizz (CC) with Hubby .

Ordered my "MAN YEE MIN" through the stall next door .

I took a picture of it but forget to post it up ==

Nvm , I don't want to make all of you hungry !


Saw many of Hubby's friend too .

Long time no meet them jor lo weyyy .

KumYong said : 你终于长大了。

Cause the last time I met his I was just 14 XD

BTW , he said I've grown pretty .

Wahahahahahahahahaha !

Last pic for the day .

6pm+ , Hubby fetch me to tuition .

What a good girl I am :)

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  1. 你穿体育衣服的背后拍照动作那个~我也会哦^^哈哈~