Friday, July 16

♥ Hubby's 20th Birthday Celebration

10/07Firstly , I would like to aware you guys that in this post I would upload many of my pics .

So , ignore me if you want :)
Hubby's present , Winnie The Pooh bed sheet .

My mum never disappoint me :D

Back to the topic where we went out to celebrate Hubby's 20th birthday .

On the way to 1U .

1st thing we do when we reach there was to go to MPH .

Ini orang macam yes oh !

Bought 3 novels there .

Yes , I'm a novel worm :)

Don't be shock !

Then , our lunch .

Burger King .

After lunch , our movie .

The Back-up Plan .Omgosh ! The lead actor is soooooo HOT !

I'm totally in love with him ;)

After our movie , shop again :D

Cotton On , my favourite boutique shop ever .

And and and , I bought two tanks there for just RM30 !

Wooots !

Wonder why their selling so cheap o.o

Btw , take a look at what I bought .

4pm+ , when to find Kee to have a hair cut .Long time no see bro ! Haha

The results .. Dang dang dang dang !
My fringe is short short short !

But I like it ;D

Then , back to Hubby's home .

Put on the bed sheet for him . Hehe
It's not so nice duh ==

And , it has a bolster case too .

Maybe buy a bolster as a Christmas gift for Hubby ?


Pics again :)

*please don't get sick of me , readers :x*

Hubby's dad brought this Brazil jersey back so I wore it cause I'm a fan of Brazil <3

Hubby's wearing Germany's . Haha

When the Brazilian met the German :)7pm+ , dinner :)

At first we wanted to go to The Ship .

But it was too far .

So , we went to Kepong's most famous western restaurant to dine in .

D ' Fortune .

After our dinner , decided where to go .

At last ...This guy decided to go CC ==!

After half an hour , followed him back to his mother's stall .

10pm+ , home sweet home .

Pics again , hehe


Hubby's actual day !

After school , went out with him .

My school look :x

I ask Hubby to fetch me to the bakery first to buy something for my mum .

*Actually it's just a lie . Ngek x)*

Then , I came out with a cake .

Hubby wasn't shock at all .

I know it's a very lame surprise ==

Skip skip skip !

After my embarassment , I let Hubby make the choice for our lunch today .

But just for today ! Hahaha

He wanted to eat sushi , but it was closed !

So , Pizza Hut :DHe like cheesy lava and I like pan crust , so .. macam ni lo XD

I was still hungry after having 3 slices of pizza so I take away another set of Garlic Breadstick .

Back to Hubby's home !

After resting our stomach for some time , blow cake ceremony XD

Hubby's favourite cheese cake :)Hope your wish come true Hubby :)

And and ! I sang solo for the Birthday song additional with a kiss .

So sweet leh XD

Actually we wanted to go for a walk at the garden near Hubby's house , but we overslept . Haha

Anyway , that's all for the celebration peeps !

Wishing Hubby Happy Birthday again .

Love ya <3


  1. Arh , I want novels too.Btw , those fringes are gorgeous , just wait when they grow longer but not too long haha.May great days be ahead of you haha.

  2. You read those noves too ? Haha
    Thanks for the compliment :) I'm gonna cut it every month . LOL

  3. No I don't , I have nothing to read now so I want novels haha xD.Fringes are one of my favorite girl hairstyles ! Oh yea , please do help me greet Happy Birthday to your hubby !

  4. 我来咯~呵呵,原来你的礼物是这个哦~呵呵~
    你的新look 哦~很好看呢~

  5. Nic ,
    I see you like cute girls . Hahaha . Girls normally with fringe are cute . LOL
    Sure :)

    Visky ,

  6. guru displin 里最sozai那个~~><

  7. 就是车很美的,chanran 咯~

  8. what colour are u wearing in the uniform pics? very nice and natural =)