Saturday, May 29

♥ My Wesak Day

Weeeee ~ Wesak Day means Holiday for us :D

So , decided to go shopping with Hubby .

We went to Sg Wang for our brunch first .

Esquire Kitchen .

Found this in Hubby's phone ==!Gelinya ~~~

Then , started shopping ;D

Bought quite a lot .

A pair of jeans , high heels , make up accesories & a sweater .

Hubby bought himself a jacket too .

And , thanks Hubby for being my ATM machine <3

I know I spend a lot sometimes :(

After shopping , we went to Baskin Robin for a break .

You can see how we love to eat the ice creams there XD* I know it's ugly la !*

3pm , back to Hubby's home for some rest .

Slept for almost 4 hours ==!

Wake up , Hubby help to straighten my hair after the sleep XD

Then , I wanted to eat fried kuey teow & chicken wing .

So , Hubby brought me to the food court .My kuey teow & chicken wing <3

Of course , Hubby peel the meat for me :)

After eating , we went to Karsin's buffet dinner located at his house .

Baby Yen , Sky & Lanlan tag along too .

The only picture I took that night .

10++pm , Hubby keep say want fetch me back ==

I don't want but he keep forcing me o0o

Mummy said this is the 1st time I came back home so early that she no need to call me to come home ==


  1. 哈哈~你们两个人吃,都叫得很多哦~^^

  2. Wah, normally you midnight only reach home?

  3. Visky ,

    Aldious ,
    no la .