Thursday, June 3

♥ Ill Minded Girl

I'm here to talk about an Ill Minded Girl :D

I know you're following my blog everyday so .. what the heck ?


First , you apologise in your blog .

Then now you are barking and barking all over again .

For what ?

We didn't wrote about you in our blog too .

Except for facebook :D

But you have already deleted us so you can't view our wall .

Unless you created a fake profile and add us just to follow our status ?

You're just so hilarious at some times .

Me envy you ?

Omgosh ! You're so brave to write that ==

I'm better looking than you of course .

Fairer than you of course .

Thinner than you of course .

Richer than you of course .

Intelligent than you of course .

And , I have family , friends & Hubby that I'm proud of :D

Although my breast isn't as big as yours , but as you have teach me : 胸大无脑 :)

If you're thin , I don't think mine will be smaller than yours ;P

P/S Although I don't think you have the chance to slim down .

Well , I guess I'll just stop here .

I don't wanna hurt your feelings as you always mind what we're saying about you .

Pity pity !

And , stop being such a racist , if you understand what I meant .

Don't go google and search for the meaning of the word if you can :)


  1. Wow , good scolding *thumbs up*.She really needs a good smack in the head.