Monday, May 24

♥ Niji Sushi

Lazy to update my blog la !

But then , if I never update , it will be full of dust XD

Anyway , last Sat Hubby brought me to eat sushi .

It's his favourite food , not mine .

A place called Niji Sushi @ Kepong .Hubby , can you take a nicer pic of me ? ==
My Ebi Tempura Udon

Hubby's Unani Set (I'm not sure of the spelling)

I never ate this cause it seems disgusting :x
After that , home sweet home to Hubby's house XD

Camwhored !

Some pics have beec accidentally deleted by me ==

View more pics at my fb acc :)

Nothing to say about that day .

I wish for Friday to come faster !


  1. 嗯,对了,我有东西要问哦~你去的full house是klcc的那一带啊?^^嗯,这边的sushi地方也不错哦~很美哦~^^

  2. 哦哦,因为可能太远了啦,所以很少人去,才关了把~好可惜哦~><