Saturday, August 1

♥ 1st Day Of August

Long Or Short Suit Me ?

I Think Long Hair Make Me Look More Mature xD

Back To The Topic .

1st Day Of August .

Time Pass By So Fast .

And It's 2 More Months To My PMR ><

Takutnya ~

At Class Can't Concentrate .

Cause Of My New Neighbour In My Class ==

Miss Lee Hsian Li .

Keep Make Me Laugh .

And That Rich Girl Who Always Go Rebonding Her Hair De .

Miss Catherine .

Asyik Turn Over And 38 With Me ==

Anyway , Always Happy With Them =)

Ok . Today Went Out With Hubby .

Just Went To His House .

When Want Back That Time Fight ==

We Two Betul Betul Gila .

Beh Tahan .

Anyway , Miss Him ♥

Nice ?
Me & Mummy's Leg .

Mummy Bought It For Herself .

She Say She Won't Let Me Wear .

Cause I Will Break It & Make The Shoes Bigger ==

I Know My Legs Are Big ><

2 Size Bigger Than Her ==
Capture This Pic Last Few Days .

There Was A Temple On Fire Juz Near My House .

So Scary ><

Hope Nobody Was Injured =)


  1. hahahahaha..

    the way u describe TanKeTing is so funny loRh !


  2. Rich Girl Who Always Go Rebonding Her Hair De .

    Duno she see jor Monday will how cum seksa me xDD