Wednesday, July 29

♥ Broken Heart

Many Days Din't Update My Blog .

Came Up Here Today To Say How Broken My Heart Is =(

2 Weeks Overall We Argue Argue & Argue !

It Hurts Me .

I Really Can't Tolerate With His Fcking Behaviour Anymore !

Evryday Out Out Out

Won't Go Back Home B4 7am .

Less Acompany Me .

Who Do You Think I Am ?

You're Dog ?

Or Just Like What You & Your Friends Like To Say "货"

I'm Also A Human Being .

Pls Treat Me With Dignity .

And Please Be A More *Useful* Person .

Think About Your Future .

Don't Just Fool Around Like A Big Child .

It's Very Fcking Annoying Being Together With You .

If It Isn't Because I Love You I Would Have Dump You Earlier !

发泄完毕 =P


  1. wow =="

    calm down
    still ada frens

  2. babe
    calm down
    he will be more mature
    after he finish fooling around
    haha XD