Thursday, March 17

♥ Random Outing

I know i'm soooooo late from updating my blog :/
Don't blame me readers !
Went to Penang the last few days that's why hehe
Anyway , i'm back and ready to blog ! :D

First of all , tadaa !
My fugly L license :P
Started my driving lesson .

At first i thought it would be fun .
But i found out it was just a nightmare .
The uncle so strict -.-
Hello i'm a beginner in driving what you expect ?
哼 我讨厌你!

Dont't want to say that uncle liao :P
Okay , went for a healthy activity with my classmates 1 week+ ago .
Badminton my favourite !
And to that , i know that they play badminton hen geng oh (Y)
And then the next day .
Intended to celebrate HsinJie's birthday @Pavilion .
See , present also prepare liao teehee :D
*the main point was the bracelet with her name on it :)*
But then , she had some important issues to deal with so she didn't attend her own birthday celebration hahaha
Nola , we just change the celebration to a random outing of friends :)

Went to TimesSquare two hours early to shop by my ownself first .
And also to buy Edeline's birthday present .
Like what TanCatherine said , idk why lately i always like to solo -.-


Random pictures :)
2pm , karaoke session with them :)
After 4 hours of karaoke session , Pavilion for our movie .
But then , some "technical error" happen so we ended up going to WongKok for our dinner .
Hehehe pictures again :P
WongKok's food made her had a stomachache and i got affected too hahaha
9pm+ home sweet home :)

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  1. halo~halo~i come agia le o~^^