Monday, March 7

♥ My Valentine's Day

Here's a short post of how i spent my Valentine's Day :)

I know i know , i'm freakin' late again .
Hey i still have many things to do beside blogging kay ?
Sleeping facebook-ing tweeting etc.

Ok back to topic .
Went out with my baby that day :$
*cut the crap SherilynHow , your baby doesn't exist -.-*
Grr , well unfortunately i spent my Valentine's Day with my friends .
Okay just joking , fortunately my friends accompanied me during V's Day :D
They date me out during the last minute and asked me to a movie .

8pm , Wangsa Walk Mall
Mr & Mrs Incredible

Rate it 3 stars

If it wasn't for my LouisKo i would just gave it 2 stars :P

After the movie , went for a tea session with the guys .
*idk why i'm always the only girl :/*

12am+ home sweet home :)

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