Thursday, January 13

♥ My Form 5 Life

Hello peeps :D

Hmm , what am i blogging today ?

Everytime blog about my outing wo bu sien ni men dou sien lo hor ?

Ok , so now i'm gonna blog about my form 5 life :o

Form 5 life , 1 word : T.I.R.I.N.G

I don't even have the time to take a nice nap during the afternoon -.-

Tues & Wed privare tutor come to my house , 3 hours a day !!

Thurs another tuition , but luckily it's only for an hour .

And i need to walk to tuition every Thurs :(

Perjalanan yang mengambil masa 20 minit .

But nvm , wo yao jian fei mah :D

Yesterday , Bio teacher asked me to attend a Bio kelas tambahan .

Every Wed 1.15pm - 2.30pm

I was okay , i just need to change my tuition day to Mon .

But then today Physics teacher called me to attend Physics kelas tambahan .

WTF how many kelas tambahan i need to take ? -.-

Everyday stay back at school no need tuition liao lo ?

Even now , i don't have enough time to finish my homework & study .


Luckily i'm single if not my boyf sure complain kaw kaw hahaha

Hey , thanks for letting me go ya :P

I'm really so scared & stressed .

But anyway , i love this kind of life .

At least i'm not lifeless right ? ;)

And hor my college intake depends on my SPM trial exam results ?

Goshhh :/

I don't wanna ruin my own future !!

And what if i really got into Taylor's College ?

I need to get average 90 marks and above to get into Monash University .

You all know how hard is it for me to score those marks ? -.-

Waaa ke yi bu yao jiang fan ma ?

Why can't i be a nerd once i was born ?

No need fan about studies & relationships problem :/

And lastly , i should take Pharmacy or Dentistry course ?

Any comment ?


  1. Just enter a college and get GCE then study further in GCE or Maticulation (Australia's syllabus)

  2. ya , i'm studying south australian matriculation in taylor's :)

  3. ni yao jia you take 90 above ! LOL
    take pharmacyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 xoxo

  4. mum suggest me to take dentistry now -.-
    hou luen shui ah !