Monday, January 17

♥ 17th Birthday Bash @2

I know i'm very very very late to update my birthday post .

But as y'all know i'm too lazy & busy to update my blog . hehe

So here we go .

05.01 12am

Thanks for the surprise and my most unforgettable & sweet birthday :)

Spend my birthday in Seri Setia tuition centre for 4 whole hours -.-

After tuition , dinner with my beloved family <3Sistaaaaaa lol it's my mum :)

Wo baba shi kam yu lou

And dailou :/

Webcam-ed with Jy Cheak ! :P
This solou still owe me a birthday wish !! haha

Ok , take a look at the present i got from my friends .

AngelLee's homemade chocolate cookies :D

And the card she made specially for me <3

Ferrero from Kipii :)

HsinJie's <3

Edeline's :)


Celebrated my belated birthday with my schoolmates @KangCheng .

Mua girls <3

Bobo !



My favourite ex tablemate <3

Ohya , the other birthday boy ahlen :)

After the celebration , went for a haircut .

Random pictures @myroom

Thanks to all my gals & guys who helped me celebrate my 17th birthday !


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