Thursday, April 15

♥ Moody Me

I'm soooooooooo moody !

It have been like this throughout the whole April .

1st , my lappie .

2nd , my exam scores .

3rd , bla bla bla .

4th , bla bla bla .

I just wish everything could go well like it has always been :'(

When I wanted to find someone to talk to , then only I realised there's no one I can really talk to , including HIM .

April please pass faster please !!

I want back my lovely life :'(


You really irritate me !

Delete me from your friend list ?

So what ?! I still can see what IDIOT things you doing !

But unfortunately , you can't see mine :)

Please just stay out of my sight ! o0o

Ciaos BIATCH <3

1 comment:

  1. 我终于可以在学校见到你了~而且还是看到你带眼镜阿~呵呵,而且还是同一天看到你很多次呢~有一次你朋友还是进我班,你就站在门口等呢~怎么了啊?不然试看告诉我拉,看我可以帮到你没有^^