Monday, April 26

♥ 25.04

Weeee ~ finally came to update my blog ;D

25/04 , went to 1U with Hubby .

On the way .

We saw a very nice view there so stop to take some pics :D

Then we went to watch our movie .BEING HUMAN

It was just ok for me .

But Hubby keep laughing throughout the whole show ==

After our movie , shopping time !! :D

Bought about RM500 from Cotton On & TopMan .It was all Hubby's thing , I just bought 2 tops .

I love it a lot anyway XD

After that , we were hungry so we had a very late meal at WongKok .Saw Lanlan & Sky there .

Stupid Sky keep taking ugly pics of me ==!

Fortunately , it has been deleted by mua :D

After eating , back to Hubby's house .

As always , Hubby slept & I cam-whored ;D

After he woke up , catch him to take pics with me :PMore pics to view at my FB :)

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  1. 是咯,很久没看到你了哦~恩,那个地方真得不错哦~在路上都有的给你找到那个地方哦~真是好运哦~哈哈~