Monday, February 1

♥ Maid For A Day

Got an unexpected call from Hubby today .

Says after seeing the doctor he will come fetch me out :D

12pm , Hubby & TunLong came .

Went to Hubby house , TunLong back to work XD
You all see what happen to Hubby's leg while working =(

Pity him ~

Whole nail broke off .

Ouch !

So , I have to be his maid for the day =x
Cooking Magee

He's bringing sexy BACK xD

After an hour , we called pizza x)

I spilled the pepsi so I have to clean it up ==

Look like ah 4 ?

3.50pm , rush to my tuition centre .

Have tuition at 4pm .

Hubby have to drive me although his leg ache's ><
On the road , traffic jam !! ==

Stuck in Kepong for half an hour .

So , no tuition for me today .

4.45pm only reach my house .

Of cause , I wont leave Hubby so early ;)

Stayed in the car with him .

Cam-whored !

What is this all about ? ==

Mwaaaaaa !

No make up + No lens !

You can see how hot I am ==

5.15pm , home sweet home .

Take a look at my shirt ==


  1. Finally I saw kacang's whole face !! x)

    eih , car tak ada air-cond ? ==

    saya see u sweating for d 1st time ehh ,

    at skul u nvr sweating oso xD

  2. tarak ==
    spoil long time dy !
    arghhhhhhh ><

    i wanted to write at my post say : even my Dars also having seen me sweat like this b4 ==
    but forgot XD

  3. 怎么会只弄到一个啊?不过也好才哦~不然弄到更多,更痛了呢~><
    嗯,嘻嘻,不会像阿4 啦~只是很惊讶咯我~^^