Monday, January 18

♥ Happy Birthday to My Daddy & Dear Qian

Begin this post on 16/01Went out with Dear Hubby again ;D

But it wasn't a very pleasant day for us .

When we wanted to have lunch at PizzaHut , Hubby's car 爆胎 ==

Argh !!

But , luckily the Lim's Tayar Shop was just opposite PizzaHut .

So , we went to eat our lunch while they repair Hubby's car xD

Wasted my 2 hours ==

So , din't took any pics today .

17/01 , Dear Qian Big Day .
Went to Pavilion for the celebration .

Had a movie .
The Spy Next Door .

Thumbs up !

After the movie , we went loitering around XD

Some pics we took .
Dear HsinJie =)

Jimmy See & Dear Qian

Bout 5pm , we went to Dargon-i for an early dinner .

Happy Sweet 16 Meemee Jie xD

7++pm , we went outside Pavilion to take some pics .

10.30pm , home sweet home .

18/01 , Beloved Daddy Big Day . My present to him =)

Went to have lunch at Capsquare .


My school life's getting more & more annoying ==

Homework piling up like mountain ==

My messy room xD


  1. 呵呵,玩得很开心哦~真是羡慕你们哦,现在我们都很少出了哦~因为今年我们中5了哦~><
    嗯,呵呵,还好啦,我去年我们也是这样啊~不过这次你们中4 是打好基础的哦~所以你也要用功点哦~

  2. 选了哦。

  3. 不是啊,哟!应该去我那边补嘛><