Friday, October 9

♥ Exam Is Tiring

At Last I Hv Time To Come And Update My Blog .

Today's Exam Ended At 9.30am .

So I'm Here Now =)

The 1st Paper Was BM .

Paper 1 Was So Hard ==

2nd Paper Was English .

My Best Subject ;D

Hope To Get An A For It .

Science Was Quite Easy In Paper 1 But Not 2 ==

And Today Is Geografi .

I Hv A Lot Of Confident To Get An A On It But Not Now .

Seems Like I Hv Many Wrongs ><

Hope Luck Will Be On My Side .

I Reli Work Hard On This Paper .

And Also Want Say Thx To Hubby .

He Keep Encourage Me To Work Hard .

And Cheer Me Up Because Im Sick During I Hv The Exam ==

Ok , Need To Go Study On My Sejarah .



  1. gud luck in nez week exam nur^^
    t0day geo is quite easy, but i oso same as you no confident to get A =X
    BM is hard. tam sam'

    gah yau in ur math ya. =D
    try ur best
    i support you"

  2. 我也来了,怎样啊?其实你有尽力去读那就可以了拉~恩

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