Wednesday, December 23

♥ Wangsa Walk Mall

Went Out Wif Dear Qian Today =)

Mami Fetch Me To Her Hse In The Morning .

Found Tis Cute Pillows In Her Room x)

Took Some Pic At Her Hse Too .

12.30pm , Hsin Jie's Mum Ftech Us To Wangsa Walk .

Her Mum Was Friendly =)

We Was Looking All Over The Mall For Food .

But Thr's Ntg Nice To Eat Thr TT

Finally We Found A Place .

Forgot It's Name xD

This Thing SUCKS !

After Eating , Of Coz We Went Shopping x)

Random Pics .

We Both Bought Shoes , Nail Polish & Make Ups =)

Then , We Went To Roti Boy For Our Tea .
Yummy =P

After That , We Went For An Eye Check .

I Wanted To Check My Eye Power For My New Lens .

Random Pics .

At Last , We Went Toilet For Some pics .

5.30pm , Went Bec To Dear's Hse .

Dadi Came To Fetch Me Bec At 7pm .

PMR Results Is Nearer Time To Time TT


  1. 恩咯,那边都没什么好吃的东西的~那边可以走的地方就是瞪着它的戏院开和bowling罢了~那个你的朋友,是我们学校的啊?很可爱哦~^^笑起来很甜哦,好像有酒窝哦?嘻嘻~

  2. 你在厕所拍的第一张照片很像在流口水 xD

  3. visky : LOL XD 我跟他不同校咯, 只是好朋友 ^^* 哇, 你赞我啊? 哈哈。。。谢谢 o^^o 我的确有酒窝== 一边而已! 哈哈

  4. 倩:哈哈,是啊,我赞你啊,不用客气拉,我也是说真的~