Sunday, December 27

♥ Dream Coming True

My W705 .

Thx Daddy =D

And My VAIO , Have To Wait Till Next Week TT

Ngo Dang Mm Cit Lahhhhh ~

Ok , Gonna Talk Abt Recenly Things Abt My Life .


All Of Them Are Proud Of Me .

Gave Me Wad I Wanted All Along .

Phone , Laptop & Cash$$ xD

I'm Not Bragging Ok ==

Just Feel Lucky To Have A Family Like Them .

Haha xD


His Family Is Proud Of Me Too x)

Finally Prove To His Mum & Dad That I Can ! =P

Hmm , Think Abt It .

I & Hubby Din Argue For A Long Time Edy .

Good Thing Lei Geh xD

And , I Noe Wad Hubby Bought For My Bday Present Edy .

Something Worth RM180 & Something I Need .

Ahhhhh ~ Y You Want Treat Me So Gud ==

Promise I Wil Love You Forever Dear Hubby =)

Birthday Countdown 9 Days .

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