Thursday, January 6

♥ Days with my aunts

Alright this is gonna be a very simple post :)


Went to KLCC with my aunt & cousins .



MidValley with aunt & cousin again . haha

Wonder where i went for countdown ?

No where :)

But 1am+ a bunch of old friends called me out .

Went to Albert's house for KFC .

I didn't ate any ! Wuuhoo thin liao thin liao ! :P

Then they decided to go AhWei's house to get drunk -.-

Went there for awhile only .

I was scared they got drunk and nobody can fetch me home -.-

And i'm not that kind of beer-type girl :P

But i admit i drank a little cause i was unhappy that day :(


First day of 2011

The Curve with my aunts again LOL

This is what i bought for these 3 days -.-

I can stop buying shirts for 3 months le hahaha

Finally , finished all my 2010 post :)

Wait for my birthday celebration post ya !

Memories remain the same but people change , sometimes you have to let go of the past and embrace the future :)

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