Saturday, December 4

♥ Sunway with the girls

12.11 Tea session with the gang @Sri Rampai OldTown .

Brought my laptop along with me too :)


Sunway Pyramid with my girls ;)

It had been a really long time since i've met them .

Especially Chermaine & Emily .

Well , camwhored non-stop before going out .

Forgive me peeps :$
Hello i'm a cute piggy HAHA

There are more on my facebook though .

nenenibubu :P

Anyway , we reach Sunway around 1pm .

Had our lunch at Full House .

We went there not because of the food , we just wanted to take pictures .

LOL forgive us girls :$

Ok here we go .





After lunch , walk walk walk laugh laugh laugh .

I always made their day ;D

Some pichas here ;)

We were very tired so we went to Chocolate to have sundae .

Well as girls , non-stop camwhored again .

Seriously , i don't know anyone down there . HAHAHA

6pm+ all of them went back .

While i stayed there to wait for NgYeeChang .

Went to BaskinRobin for my world-class chocolate :D

Yummyyyyyy <3

Around 8pm , NgYeeChang came .

Like finally -,-

So we went to have our dinner at KimGary .

And then we went to find Angel for tea session .

Candid by AngelLee !! :P

10pm+ home sweet home .

I was feeling kinda moody at home so i asked NgYeeChang to come fetch me for the 2nd round .

As he wasn't home yet :P

Had ramlee burger for supper :D

2pm+ home sweet home .

Thankyou oh NgYeeChang :)

And thanks to my girls for giving me a wonderful day <3

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