Thursday, November 11

♥ Random Post

It was exam week and I didn't hang out anywhere so this is just a random post .

It's gonna be very bored , feel free to skip it :)


Tea session with them @Cheras OldTown

NgYeeChang & Wilber's car .

Sohem XD

: "Not near enough not near enough" XD

2nd round , Steven Corner .

3am , home sweet home .


Hang out with ahpooh :)


Pooh's house again :)

Tea session with them again at night :)


AhPian & Nickson's birthday bash .

Went to have our lunch first .

Then we played with the iphone application .


The birthday boys :)

Elynn :)

My legs spoilt the whole picture :/

Tea session with them again at night .
I do really have alot of fun with you guys *teehee*

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