Saturday, October 9

♥ Non Stop Outing


12am , Edeline suddenly called me out for a tea session @Steven Corner with the gang .

As Angel was going so I just tag along .

Blow water until everyone was looking at us . LOL -,-

2am , home sweet home .

After tuition , WilberHo came to fetch us .

Off to Pavilion for a show & a simple brithday celebration for Yiico .

While they were at SnowFlakes's I went to buy my BR ;)

Camwhored at the toilet while waiting for the movie to start .

6.30pm , movie start liao !!

The Return of ChenZhen .一级棒!

I'm in love with DonnieYen liao <3

After our movie , went to Kepong nom nom .

Steamboat .Don't act cute la zzZ

Ni men kan dao somok laugh dao jiang happy ?

11pm , home sweet home .

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