Wednesday, October 20

♥ 4th of October

04.10Decided to go LowYat with them cause it's so bored at home .

5pm , WilberHo came to pick me up .

Then we went to have dinner first at 又一村

Then NgYeeChang went to buy his pc .

Actually he's just asking for the price first . Hehe

Then we have no where to go so we decided to go back to Sri Gombak .

Don't so rude please .

Sohem XD

Driving without hands . Tsk tsk

Destination reached .

Tea session @Coffee Box

I don't understand why is this mineral water so expensive .

Drink liao will become pretty & rich & clever ? -,-

Then meowmeow came to join us .

Hello i'm chunli :)

11pm+ , home sweet home .