Sunday, September 19

♥ KLCC BookFest

09/09Went to KLCC BookFest with Dear Jessie & HJ .

Before that , went to have breakfast with Hubby first .

I suggested we sit outside where there is trees .

But Hubby don't want cause he say the birds might shit on our heads .

But I don't care and insisted we sit outside .

At last , Hubby's head ended up with bird shit !

I guess the birds overheard him . LOL !

And I have to help him clean it up .

Ewwwww !

Anyway , continue our journey to LRT for me to meet up with both of them .

徐有力哥哥 :)FYI , he's the writer for 哥妹俩

After that , went to have our lunch at Sakae Sushi .

After our lunch , Starbucks !

And then , NewZealand ice cream :D

At last .Great day with them .

ILY guys <3

4pm+ , Hubby came to fetch me to his stall .

Oh btw , bought this from the fest .

And some cupcakes for Hubby .

Oh oh oh , I bought a book for Hubby too !

爱情课本 LOL !

9pm+ went to KFC drive thru for dinner .

Lanyeng的典范 ;P

10pm+ home sweet home .

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