Monday, August 9

♥ Weekendddd


Schoooooool !

After school , Hubby came to pick me up .

Recently , every Friday keep going Hubby's house to sleep XD

I like it ;)
Ok , wanted to have our lunch at a 猪肉粉 shop at Menjalara .

But Hubby saw 'someone' there so he decided just to take away and went back home to eat .

My lunch .

This is the best 猪肉粉 I have ever tasted !

After meal , sleeeeeeep :D

After 2 hours , woke up & bath .

Then wake Hubby up .

The hardest thing being together with him is waking him up .
He won't even open his eyes if you slap or kick him -,-

After 10 minutes of finally waking him up , off to tuition !

I'm such a good girl :)

Titbids before tuition .


School on a Saturday .

What a bummer !

Share some pictures of me & my fellow classmates .

Can't stand myself for being so hardworking :x

FYI , their just acting :)

Pura-pura malu oh !

The sit of Cloud Ng .
He was absent that day .

Again , Hubby pick me up after school ;)

Pizza Hut for lunch :DD

I've been craving for pizzas for the whole week and finally !

Then went back to his house to change .

When we was at his room , we did something so disgusting .

Laughing the whole way out .

I & him was like ewwwwwwwww !

Anyway , it's a secret ;P

Ok , changed then fetched Hubby's sistaaaas to KTM .

We wanted to take a walk at Desa Park City but it was drizzling .

Hubby say he don't want to go because he's scared that we might get sick .

But I keep intended to goooo !

I know I'm stubborn :(

So at last we argued .

Went back home without going anywhere .

Rawr !!!!


Last day of pc fair !
After church , went to pc fair with my family .

Had our brunch at a restaurant in KLCC .

Dad & Mum having their dessert .

Then started our walk at the pc fair .

After 2 hours+ of walking there , finally brought home some things ;D

Sony TX-7It's not exactly mine , but dad ask me to keep it so I'll consider it mine .

Weeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Btw , I'll still love my Olympus cammie <3

And Daddy also bought a new monitor for himself .

满载而归 :D


  1. Wah pro, can bring your "cammie" to school.

  2. yeap ;)
    i guess they wont spotcheck since it was a saturday .