Thursday, August 19

♥ 14.08

This post was about last Saturday .

Decided to go One Utama with Hubby .

But the same thing happened .


So I got angry and when to his house to drag him out of bed .

Luckily his dad was home to open the door for me .

So , the kicking & pulling & slapping started .

Finally , he went to get ready .

So I continued to make up & camwhore while waiting for him :)
Spotted my dulan face ? XD

Btw , picture image turned out like that due to wrong settings at my new cammie .

I apologise to you guys here :(

Ok , after he is ready we took off to our destination .

Had our lunch first since it was already 1pm ==


After lunch , shop shop & shop .

No photos to share .

I'm very lazy to take photos will shopping XD

4pm+ back to Hubby's home .
P/S I don't need a lot of time to shop :)Btw , this is what I bought from there .

A top from Voir , a skirt from Cotton On & a novel from MPH :)

Cotton On Cotton On Cotton On <3

Some pictures with me & Hubby here .

My parents are acting weird lately .

My mum gave me RM100 for no reason or neither any condition .

And my dad said he want to teach me driving .

And they gave me quite some freedom lately .

I wonder what happen to them XD

And and and , intro a game to people who are bored . and click 弹弹堂 .

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  1. 恩~他做工作的累嘛~呵呵,尤其是驾车,因为要费很多精神去驾车~要注意安全哦~嗯,好好噢,给你钱哦~还是没有理由的哦~羡慕你哦~