Tuesday, June 15

♥ Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration

The 2nd Anniversary of Hubby & I is on the 17th of June .

But I'm here to blog early because I'll be in Johor & Singapore for the next few days :'(

Time flies by so fast !

It's the 2nd year of our love again <3

So , we went to Genting to celebrate it XD

Bing & Carmen tag along too .

Reach there around 9am .

Our breakfast .
After eating , we decided to go play in the outdoor park .

Picssss !Ignore me :)

*I know this is ugly*

Jangan Lanyeng la bang !

Play play play , Chat chat chat .

Then we went indoor to find my Boubui E :)

4pm , down hill .

Vomit the way down ==

Then , we went to Carmen's restaurant to have something to eat .

After eating , Hubby's home ;)

Hubby's mum & sis was wrapping some 粽子 that time .

So , aunty gave me some to bring back home .
Thank you aunty ;)

8pm+ , Hubby brought me to dinner .

A restaurant called MoMo Paradise .

It's a steamboat buffet restaurant .I give this restaurant a thumbs up :D

After dinner , Hubby fetch me home :)Hubby bought this chocolate for me as a gift for our anniversary :)

And btw , I got this sunburn from goin to Genting .Ironic isn't it ? ==


To My One & Only Hubby Pie ;

It's our 2nd anniversary in 2 days time :)

Excited ?

Anyway , I have something I would love to expressed to you .

I know we always have our ups & downs .

I know I have always been a sturborn girlfriend .

But you will still be patient with me .

You will still fulfill all my request .

And I'm lucky to have a boyfriend like you .

Don't know what to write anymore .




  1. 恩~恭喜恭喜哦~^^能跟心爱人一直一起,是一件很甜蜜的事情哦~加油哦~我知道这短短的日子才是你们的起跑点哦,你们还有更长的路要走哦~^^

  2. Haha may your days ahead with your boyfriend be a blessed and wonferul ones.COngratulation !!!

  3. 好幸福=)