Tuesday, June 29

♥ Mua Weekend

Firstly , please allow me to write about my simple Saturday first :)

Boubui E came my home at 8am !!

Gosh -,-

Then both of us continue to have our sleep at the same bed ;D

11+am , woke up and prepared .

Webcamieeee :DKilim ask me who farted in this pic . LOL !

12+pm , Hubby came .

Fetch Boubui E to DK then Selayang to send Bing home .

Then , Hubby brought me to Selayang Mall's Italian Cone Pizza .
Gave it a 3 stars only .

It wasn't that tasty .

Pizza Hut is always my 1st choice :D

Then , I & Hubby argued .

Wanna know why ?

Cause he spilled my pepsi !

And he promised me to buy KFC for me but didn't !

:'( :'(

But a few hours later , he finally can't stand me so he brought me to buy my KFC :)

Weeee ~ ILY <3

Hmm , not many pics taken because iI forgot to bring my camera out .

Sorry readers :(

The next day , Titiwangsa Day with my lovely classmates :D

The reason we went there was just to take some pictures for our Moral Project .

The guys .

Semua macam yes !Fantastic Bombastik :D

Then , it's time for our groupie pic !

Cat & Me

Samurai Loke ! Hahaha

This pic really make me laugh 99 !

The ugliest pic I have ever took !
Me & Cat's failure :(

10am , left them and went to church :)

That's all for my weekend .

Saturday - Hari Terbuka !!


  1. haha~^^看你得blog都是很开心^^因为你们很可爱哦^^嗯,你们可以在自己家随便做也可以了得,你们班上很合作哦^^

  2. ooiiii....y u no updated ur blog....boring la.....


  3. Brian Loh ,
    stop using my name la ==!

    Visky ,

  4. haha~我们也是差不多的~只是看是跟谁,参谁比较多咯^^

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