Wednesday, May 5

♥ Problem Solved

As you all know , I have argue with Hubby last Saturday .

Until yesterday we also haven really solve the problem between us .

Today , Hubby came to find me before school starts .

My anger subsided when I saw him .

Awwww ~ his expression was just so pityful :(

You all know how soft a girl heart is ~ XD

Anyway , I'm happy & non-fustrated now :)

Hey , bitch .

I'm gonna spoil my wonderful post up there just to tell you something .

It's not our fault you have no friends now .

这些都是你自己拿来的 ;)

Are you blind , deaf or having a mental problem ?

It's obvious people don't wanna chat with you .

But you still keep repeating the same thing on & on .

And now , you're saying us brainless ?

Saying us fake being your friends ?

Hmm ~ I wonder who said many things behind my back 1st .

Not that I want to say so many unnecessary things bout you .

But , the way you act just really make me felt digusted .

So , please stop me from posting something about you in my next post ;D


  1. Glad that your problem is solved :D Wow , who is she ? She definitely made you mad like a erupting volcano.

  2. You knew her too .
    She studied at Dk too last time .

  3. Hmmm ~
    She is fat and short .
    Same class with us when we were Form 1

  4. 哈?怎么了阿你~也别生气了哦~发泄出来了,就放松自己了哦~^^