Friday, September 11

♥ 11.09

Din Went To Skul Today .

All My Dears & Darlings Din Go So I Go For Wad ? ==

And I Also Want To Spend Some Quality Time With Hubby x)

Din Meet Him For A Very Long Time .

Went To His House As Usual =)

When We Sleeping We Open Some Love's Song Too .

Cause Hubby Got A Speaker At His Room .

Sleep Until Half Ask Hubby Off It .

Cause Very Bising .

Cant Sleep ==

Woke Up At 2++

Called Pizza Delivery .

3pm Onli Reach .

So Hungry TT

After Eating Continue Listening Song .

Then I Started Chit-Chating With Hubby .

We Talked About Our Grandpa .

Hubby's Grandpa Very Sayang Him .

But Unfortunately He Gone When Hubby Was 14 =(

And I Cried Too When I Talked About My Grandpa .

But Hubby Hug Me And Say I Still Have Him ^^V

Took These Pic Before Back .

Tomoro Back Kampung Again =)


  1. 嘻嘻,不错哦,甜蜜哦~大风大雨都不会有事了~嘻嘻。。加油阿~

  2. [] so sweet..
    [] got a nice bf
    [] =}

    [] dun sad about ur grandpa^^
    [] he wan u hapie oways tOo..

    [Nice To Meet You] x}