Friday, July 3

♥ These Few Days

Decided To Write This Post In English .

These Few Days Really Cant Get Enuf Sleep ==

Wake Up at 12pm Evryday .

Than School School & School !

Back Home Around 7pm .

8.30pm Tuition ==

10.30pm Back Home .

Study Study & Study !

Of Cause With The Company Of My Lovely Computer x)

You All Want Me Die Of Boredom Meh ==

Study Till 2am .

Than Wait For My Hubby Back Home .

On Fon Evryday Abt 1hour .

4am Sleep !


Today Went Out Wif Hubby Agn .

Same Thing We Do Evrytime We Meet ==

Sleep ! xD

We Ordered Pizza Too .

My Favourite x)

Than Onli I Know Hubby Hv A New Tattoo .

I Love It !

But He Forbid To Show The Pic Out In Public =x

Later I Ask Him To Draw Some Comik & Cartoon For Me .

For My Seni Folio .
Hubby Drawing . =)

Took Some Picture Wif Him Too .

Try To Spot His Tattoo x)

Lastly Back To School .

Went To School Juz To See My 38 p0's xD

Really Crazy In Class With Them .

Love Them ^^

aLi Ting Yee Caby ♥

Shock ? xDDD

动力火车 Rock & Roll !

Hahahahaha xD

Dun Understand ?

Ask Them x)


  1. aiya..
    no YY already~

  2. haha
    yuan lai caby them is your frens.

    they tuition in the same tuition centre with me ~