Tuesday, July 21

♥ 讨厌的BoBo

My New Pic =)

The Reason My Post For Today Is Because Of A Him .

Not My Hubby , But HIM .

Mr.BoBo * My Class Monitor .

&& also My *son* xDD

恭喜你 , 你榜上有名了 =)

He Say My Blog Very Sien Wor .

But Now Hope He Will Change His Mind Lorh .

Cause I Purposely Come Up Here Put His BIG NAME Wor .

He See My Blog Still Will Sien Meh ? x)

School Life Getting More & More Boring .

aLi Baba ~ Whr Are All Your Jokes ?!

These Few Days Can't Stand Some People Jor Lorh .

At There *假腥腥*

Don't Think You're Pretty Or Clever .

U'r Just An Ugly Dumb Ass !

You Really Think U'r "So Call Popular" In The World ?

Or Izzit "Unpopular" ? xD

&& 1 More Thing .

Stop Acting As Though U'r The World Most Kesian People .

That's Because You *生在福中不知福*

Your Mother Must Be So Regret She Borned You Out .

Making Disaster To The Whole World Only .

Get Out Of My Life & Stop Being BITCHY !

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