Wednesday, June 17

♥ 1 Year Anniversary


An Important Day For Me Every Year .

Finally It Arrived Since I've Waited So Long For This Day To Come .

Yeap . Tat's Right .

It's The 1st Year Anniversary Of Me & Hubby . ^^

Time Pass Fast .

We've Start Our Love Story Last Year At This Date .

Tat's Whr We Begin To Know What LOVE Is .

Altough There Are Many Misunderstood & Arguement Between Us

But We've Pass Through It Because Of LOVE .

And That's Why We're Still Standing Here Together .

Hubby ;
Thx For Still Being By My Side .

Loving Me , Caring Me , Satisfying Me & More . =)

Although You Are Pain In The Neck Sometimes .

But I Still Will Love You Like I Did & It Will Never Change . x)

Never Know How Long We Will Be Still A Couple .

But I Really Appreaciate The Moment Being With You .